Interview: Anne’s Unschooling Journey

A bit about you … Name? Hi!  I Am Anne Elizabeth Ohman. Location? I live on 10 mountaintop acres in rural New York State. What does your family look like? I live in my home with my husband, our English Bulldog (Monty) and our Welsh Corgi (Roxi).  My youngest son, Sam (21, always unschooled) lives […]

Freedom to Live: Embracing the Flow of Life

Here we are! Can I just take a moment to say it makes me smile how closely the name of this final stage aligns with the title of my second book, Free to Live? That’s the one about living unschooling where I delve into the four lifestyle characteristics that I found had the most positive impact […]

Master of the Two Worlds: Seeing Possibilities Everywhere

We’ve talked a lot lately about the two worlds—the unschooling/unconventional world and the conventional world—and how, in the return phase of our journey, we’re working to knit them together. Freedom to pass back and forth across the world division, from the perspective of the apparitions of time to that of the causal deep and back—not […]

Interview: Vicky’s Unschooling Journey

A bit about you … Name? Victoria Young Bennison Location? Welland, Ontario What does your family look like? Our family includes myself, my husband Dave, our two children, D.J. and Jessie (who are technically no longer children), two very pleasant dogs, and a cat with attitude. This morning our dining room table is covered with […]

Rescue from Without: When the Ordinary World Comes Knocking

Here’s another way that our return journey might play out. Let’s remember where we’re starting: Yet … it’s here that we can also begin to stagnate. Life feels wonderfully satisfying in our “unschooling bubble.” Safe. The bubble was so incredibly helpful in the initiation/deschooling phase, giving us the time and space we needed to observe […]

Interview: Sandy’s Unschooling Journey

A bit about you … What’s your name? My name is Sandy Kappa. Where do you live? I live in Toronto. What does your family look like? Our family includes my partner Joe, our children Lily (7) and Luca (13) and my 87 year old mother. Lily and Luca have always been unschooled. The departure […]

The Ultimate Boon: Unschooling with Confidence and Grace

We made it! We have achieved the goal of our quest, the ultimate boon: we are unschooling. Our relationships with our children are strong and connected and we are confidently living and learning together as a family. We are enjoying life, with its ups and down and twists and turns. This moment isn’t lit up […]