Unraveling Unschooling

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PamHi! I’m Pam Laricchia and since 2002 I have happily spent countless hours supporting the unschooling lives of our three children.

As the primary unschooling parent in our family of five, my own unschooling journey has cycled between discomfort, exploration, and discovery. Over the years, this sometimes messy but always valuable learning has helped me move beyond many of the conventions of education and parenting that weren’t working well for us and discover the engaged and joyful lifestyle that lies within reach.

I don’t imagine your journey will mirror mine—and why should it? We each have our own unique set of experiences, personality, and learning style that will inform our goals and perspective. But here, together, we can play with the puzzle of unschooling, each building our own view and understanding of the world around us.

Where are you on your unschooling journey?

Newly exploring? Some experience under your belt? Established unschooling lifestyle? Check out the various resources below to see which might connect with you where you are right now.

Let’s get started!


The Unschooling Journey

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Slices of Unschooling

What’s your learning style? Different ways you can learn more about unschooling.